This system was created for the public interest; it is not free but contrary to a lot of task automation programs, it is affordable.
Made originally for friends for whom we would do anything to facilitate their work.
The automation of tasks serves to sum up in a click a series of daunting tasks (often administrative) that we do everyday and commonly called: "Monkey Work"
You can contact me via the form below, if you wish to benefit from this program.
If the purpose of your business is to replace a position and dismiss the staff, then find yourself another less scrupulous IT. I specifically limit all my programming to a minimum threshold of human interaction.
We help entrprises who seek human positif interaction with it's environment and protection of the planet.

Here are three templates of websites that manage and automate daily tasks of different companies.

Management of Mini-Courses of a Professional High Schools

Registration site for mini-internships. Technical College. Logistics, Internships Available, Final Report, Statistics

Real Estate Agency

Auto-pilot editable website

Logistics and Recruitment of Harvest in Champagne

Recruitment site with employee management

All and All for the Sciences

High school website to manage all classes of students